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Just spent the last half hour turning my garage into a photography studio...

My talents will not go unnoticed.

Im like Vogue, but with better hair.

Since im alone for the first half my cat was quite kind and decided to pose for me, shes a little pussy slut.

I can dress her up as a pussy slut.

Peace and Chicken Grease.
  • Playing: With light bulbs.
  • Eating: Paper.
Woop woop, art assignment.

Currently working on ideas for our 'Connections To The Past' assignment.
Photography is calling me, somethings bound to come up in my spinning wheel of a brain.
Yipy yip yip!

Contemplating Pin Up photography.
Loving the idea of having half naked teenagers all over the school network.

"Is...Is she, naked?!"
"Heck yes! *grins*"

Bound to cause some controversy.

Ahh, might just go with it.
Got tonnes of ideas.
  • Playing: With paper clips.
  • Eating: A candle.